National Flooring Equipment

The Helix® Grinder

Made for the Long Haul

Designed for small jobs and tough-to-reach spaces, this 16-inch planetary grinder creates the perfect profile for new coatings. It features an
edge grinder, dual speed operation, an adjustable handle, and a floating dust skirt for maximum efficiency.

  • Full adjustable handle accommodates a range of operating positions
  • Quick-release levers allow the machine to be separated into two pieces for easy transport
  • Capable of edge grinding on the left or right side of the machine by rotating the side of the dust skirt up, allowing the operator to grind within a half inch of the wall
  • Removable front weights give the operator freedom to increase or decrease head pressure when grinding
  • 16-inch grinding plate incorporates a floating tooling assembly that allows the cutting head to follow the contours of the floor; the tooling assembly rotates 180 degrees for easy tooling changes
  • LED light illuminates the surface directly behind the machine, making it easy to create a uniform scratch pattern on the floor
  • Dual-speed motor increases the versatility of this machine; operating at high or low speed

Known for reliability, durability, and efficiency, National Flooring Equipment's extensive line of floor preparation equipment is a go-to choice for even the toughest jobs. We have been in the work since 1968, leading the way with patented technology that is always one step ahead of the competition.