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Ride-On Machine Accessories

Swivel Cutting Head Assemblies

Tough swivel heads rotate to ensure continuous blade contact with the floor. Flip it over to use the second sharp edge without having to remove it from the machine. Available in a full range of sizes, to fit any job.

Fits the following products: 5110, 5200QL, 5625, 5700®, 2900, 7700, and 8000.

Part NoDescription

8-inch razor blade head


12-inch razor blade head


14-inch razor blade head


6-inch cutting head


8-inch cutting head


10-inch cutting head


12-inch cutting head


14-inch cutting head


27-inch cutting head


3/8 x 1-11/16 replacement retaining pin secures cutting head assemblies

Hydraulic Slide-Plate

Adjust the height of the slide plate using the hydraulic hand control for precise angling. Comes standard on 7700 and 8000 ride-on scrapers.

  • No lifting, dismounting, or manual labor required to adjust plate height
  • Adds 200 pounds of weight to the front of the machine, where it is most effective
  • Available as an option on new ride-on machines or as a kit for existing ride-on machines
Part NoDescription

Fits 5700 series


Fits all other ride-on machines other than the 5700 Series

7050-15: Cutting Head Extension

  • Reaches under tight areas
  • 17-inch length
  • Cutting head sold separately

7074: Tile Box

  • For fast cleanup, debris collection, and removal, this box is made of high-abrasion alloy for long lasting durability
  • For use with 7050-27
  • Size: 5 inches deep, 27 inches wide, 6 inches tall
  • Cutting head sold separately

5110-100: Transport wheel assembly

Quick and easy to attach, this assembly creates stability and safe transportation over any surface. Fits all National-brand ride-on machines.

70639: Wheel Covers

  • Protective cover slips easily on and off wheels
  • Sold individually
  • Fits all National-brand ride-on machines

5700-88: Hour Meter

  • Monitors the hours of usage
  • Fits all National-brand ride-on machines

400321: Arm Rest

Fits all current National-brand ride-on machines

Battery Power Packs

Designed for high vibration and shock load, this battery pack makes the 5200QL a true “cordless” machine. These removable batteries can be changed so there is no need for downtime while recharging.

  • Unique design eliminates acid spilling
  • Designed for high vibration
  • Can be charged from 115 volt
  • 5204 Power Pack – 100-amp hour

This battery pack runs to a deeper discharge than typical 75-amp hour battery packs and has the ability to take a rapid charge without affecting the cycle life.

Battery Charger

This high-performance battery charger is for use in demanding applications where optimal performance and service life are critical. It provides a complete charge in a short amount of time and works specifically with the 5204 power pack. Its 48-volt charger runs on 115-volt power.

  • 5212: 48 V, 60 Hz, 115 V
  • 5212-W: 48 V, 50-60 Hz, 230 V

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

For job sites where carbon monoxide could be present, this badge can detect as little as 100 ppm carbon monoxide gas at approximate relative humidity range of 33 to 50 percent. If the humidity is very high, it can detect concentrations as low as 20 ppm. The presence of CO changes the sensor from red to gray/black as the concentration levels increase. Once the detector is exposed to fresh air, it will return back to red. Once opened, the badge lasts approximately ninety days. Adhesion strip on the back or optional lapel clip mounts almost anywhere.

Part NoDescription

Lapel carbon monoxide monitor, ships with the 5625 and 8000 machines


Lapel carbon monoxide clip