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More than a grinder, the 92650 is one of the most powerful in the industry and will exceed your expectations for reliable, durable, and professional finishes. The versatility of the 92650 is derived from its quick-change magnetic tooling to remove thin-set, coatings, adhesives: remove high spots; prepare concrete and overlays for coatings; and polish to a professional high shine.

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  • Quick-adjust handle allows for multiple positioning options
  • Extreme-duty UL-listed controller
  • No-flat wheels
  • Adjustable Velcro dust guard lets the machine operate within a quarter-inch of walls and promotes nearly dustless operation
  • 9-HP motor grinds and polishes using 230-volt, single-phase power
  • Active planetary grinder uses patented self-tensioning, single-belt technology; polishes to a 3000-resin mirror shine; grinder head rotates 90 degrees for easy access to quick-change magnetic tooling; Morflex couplers allow the magnetic tooling plate to contour against any surface, creating a uniform scratch pattern for coating applications or for polishing concrete with surface undulations
  • Four removable pocket weights add 510 pounds of additional grinding pressure and 398 pounds of torque; can be positioned to reduce head pressure and increase mobility during transport
Width26.5"67 cm
Disk Size24"61 cm
Max. Height78"198 cm
Min. Height33.5"85 cm
Max. Length110.5"281 cm
Min. Length48"122 cm
Weight819 lb371 kg
Grinding Pressure510 lb231 kg
Drum RPM113
Motor RPM1745
Frequency60 Hz
Motor PhaseThree
HP96 kW
Amps25 - max amp draw, set by controller
*Conversion from three-phase to single-phase power
  • 92600-120 Floating head assembly: Ideal for reaching low spot by following surface undulations, these magnetic assemblies flex, creating a uniform scratch pattern. The magnetic tooling plate attaches directly onto the mounted floating head assembly. Three assemblies are required.
  • 92600-83 Magnetic tooling plate: Mount metal bonds, brazed trapezoids, PCDs, and carbides with magnetic tooling easily snap into place. Ideal for removing high spots and leveling concrete into tolerance, these plates can be used with three or six magnetic tooling components per plate and can also be attached to a floating head assembly. Three polishing pads and three plates are required.
  • 92600-103 Velcro adapter: Add polishing pads and Velcro tooling to magnetic tooling plates.
  • 72620: 50-foot, 10-gauge extension cord; rated for 250-volt, 30-amp, single phase
  • Instruction manual