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The 3397 strips, cleans, and profiles in a single time-saving step. Durable and efficient, it offers mobility and versatility for large applications.

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  • Shot valve handle starts the self-propelled motor; the shot valve closes and the blast wheel ceases automatically when the operator is not present
  • Height-adjustable handle, ergonomic blast-wheel placement, and shot blast controls reduce operator fatigue
  • In-line preparation system maximizes separation of abrasives and dust, setting a new industry standard for 10.5-inch shot blasters
  • Front swivel casters increase maneuverability and control for a more uniform and consistent profile
  • Side-slide removable shot screen is easy to access and clean
  • Rebound hopper incorporates a newly designed rear-facing vacuum port for improved air flow
  • Left-side base magnet may be replaced with a standard edge-blasting plate for surface access within a half inch of the wall
  • New control box
  • Features a cord management system
Width15.3"38.9 cm
Blasting Width10.6"27 cm
Max. Height45.5"115.57 cm
Min. Height41.25"104.77 cm
Max. Length53"134.62 cm
Min. Length50"127 cm
Weight384 lb174.18 kg
Speed0-98 ft/min0-30 m/min
Blasting Capacityup to 1400 sq ft/hrup to 130 sq m/hr
Motor PhaseThree
HP10 7.46 kW

National Recommends adding these accessories to your order, so you can stay in the work longer.

DL6000 Dust Collector
3397-201000002: Blast Wheel Kit
3397-201000070: Side Liner L.H.
3397-201000071: Side Liner R.H.
3397-201000072: Top Liner
6551: 24” Magnet Sweeper
6555: Hand Magnet

3397 Kit
  • Toolbox 660 x 280 x 320
  • Jaw wrench 10 x 11
  • Jaw wrench 13 x 17
  • Jaw wrench 17 x 19
  • Wrench insert
  • Wrench insert
  • Wrench insert
  • Wrench insert
  • Wrench insert
  • Change-over ratchet 1/2"
  • Slotted screwdriver
  • Hammer 500
  • Hexagon wrench
  • Goggle
  • Blast wheel kit 165 mm
  • Abrasive control cable
  • Top liner
  • Side liner RH
  • Side liner LH
  • Side brush LH
  • V-ribbed belt
  • Side brush RH
  • Brush front long
  • Brush front short
  • Rear seal