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Angle Shank Blades with Carbide Tip

These shanks are designed for ceramic removal and thinset re-scraping. The half inch of extra carbide allows for maximum re-sharpening. These tools can handle work loads up to 3500 pounds! The 552 angle shank with carbide tip is designed for light-duty commercial & residential grade ceramic tile and hard good removal. A 551 shank holder is required to attach this blade to the 550 walk behind scraper.

Part NoDimensionsScraper Model Compatibility
5524" x 2" x .312"550
7281-124" x 2" x .312"6280HD
7281-26" x 2" x .500"6280HD
7281-46" x 4" x .500"6280HD
7281-66" x 6" x .500"6280HD
7079-22" x 6" x .500"Ride-on
7079-44" x 6" x .500"Ride-on
7079-66" x 6" x .500"Ride-on