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At National, being the leader in quality, technology and innovation is a commitment to our distribution partners, customers and industry. We simply don’t accept mediocrity or complacency. This commitment shows in every machine we produce, and we hold over with patents for best-in-industry technology. All of our machines are backed by our one-year warranty.

  • Floor Scrapers

    For over 45 years, National has been building the industry's most productive and reliable floor scrapers, exceeding industry expectation and setting unmatched standards for removal rates, durability and safety. View Floor Removal Systems

  • Grinders and Polishers

    Featuring National’s patented (US patent number 7,563,156) magnetic snap-on tooling system, our planetary grinders create the perfect profile for new coatings. They offer optimal efficiency and versatility, with the ability to effortlessly remove coatings, stains, glues, mastic and other materials, or to polish concrete to a mirror finish. View Electric- or Propane-Powered Grinders

  • Burnishers

    Our high-power, high-speed burnishers deliver both efficiency and the ability to customize your machine for your needs. Continual high-velocity rotations produce a high gloss finish. View Burnishers

  • Handheld Grinders and Polishers

    The perfect solution for hard-to-reach-places. Count on our grinders for ultimate performance and reliability. View Handheld Grinders and Polishers

  • Shot Blasters

    Strip, clean, and profile in a single time-saving step. National's shot blasters are both rugged and precise, and they set an industry standard for productivity. View Shot Blasters

  • Scarifiers

    Built for heavy duty surface preparation, including coatings, overlayments, floor covering installation and more. National’s scarifiers are engineered with centrally located weight to stay steadily in the cut. An adjustable handle and tri-wheel eradicator enables these machines to tip back and tilt side to side. All are built from the industry’s strongest solid-welded steel construction. View Scarifiers

  • Dust Collectors

    National builds the industry’s leading performance dust collectors, safely containing the maximum amount of even the finest airborne particles. Using a HEPA filter, they efficiently collect powders, concrete dust, wood dust and many other work-site by-products. The Longopac bagging system makes dust disposal easy and convenient. View Dust Collectors

  • Carpet Pullers

    Our heavy-duty carpet removal machines can withstand the abuse of day-in/day-out commercial use. They work on any type of direct glued down carpet over any type of floor surface by automatically locking into existing glued down carpet. View Carpet Pullers