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National's A97 adds to our tradition of strong manufacturing. This machine combines the best aspects of our traditional shot blasting with new features designed to increase efficiency and productivity on the job. Built from the strongest Manganese steel that becomes stronger as it hardens over time.

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A97 - A97

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A. Hose & cord management system
B. Front & rear lights illuminate blasting path and work area
C. Unique joystick control allows responsive and intuitive handling
D. Machine angle allows for easy edging
E. Built from durable Manganese steel that becomes stronger and more durable over time
F. Adjustable handle height and joystick platform allow for infinite operating positions
G. Improved design moves intuitively with you when you turn
H. Reverse operation of this machine allows more control over positioning, direction and line overlapping
I. Control bolt allows precision adjustment of control valve depending on desired CSP
J. Design is pitched slightly to the left which allows for edging within 1/8" of the wall
K. Integrated brake mechanism locks drive wheel for safety when machine is off