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Surface preparation safety

National Flooring Equipment has released a whitepaper to help contractors stay safe on a job site during a floor renovation. It includes an explanation of the most important factors to consider to keep contractors safe, including assessing a job site, dust mitigation, and machine training.

The paper, produced by Tom Dunn, director of major accounts; Jim Sullivan, senior territory manager; and Dave Bigham, director of national accounts, explains the most important factors to consider to keep contractors safe; including assessing a job site, dust mitigation and machine training.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, there are over 12,000 deaths due to work-related lung disease every year. The construction industry is a large contributor to this figure, as contractors can be exposed to dangerous airborne particles that can lead to fatal illnesses such as silicosis. This is contracted by inhaling large amounts of silica dust, a chemical compound found in many construction materials, particularly concrete, that is released into the air when cut. The industry must do more to reduce these work-related deaths.

“Safety should always be a priority in the construction industry,” explains Bigham. “National Flooring Equipment has over 50 years of experience in the surface preparation industry and can help contractors understand the potential risks on a job site and what they can do to keep workers safe.

“We released this whitepaper to inform contractors of dangers on the jobsite, such as sharp tooling in machinery and silica dust inhalation. It also gives them the knowledge they need to prevent injuries on the jobsite.”

The whitepaper focuses on what training contractors need to select the right machines, find the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) and how to safely work on the job site. All of these will reduce the risk of injury but can also help contractors improve productivity and the lifespan of their machinery.
“At National Flooring Equipment, we ensure that all of our customers can gain as much knowledge as possible to make every job a success,” continued Bigham. “We offer training sessions that explain how to select the right machines for your application, how to set up and operate them safely and what accessories you need to keep workers safe. We also provide a range of dust collectors that connect to all of our machines to reduce the amount of harmful dust in the atmosphere.”

The paper, which is available to download free of charge here, shares the company’s expertise in how contractors can improve floor renovation safety for employees while improving customer satisfaction. It is this expert knowledge that has established National Flooring Equipment as one of the leaders in the surface preparation industry.