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Scarifier Tooling and Accessories


Drum and shaft for HMT and TMO


Complete Drum Loaded with HMR-5.40 Carbide 5-pin Cutter

  • Designed for thin and hard material removal
  • Applications include roughening, abrading, leveling, grooving, bulk concrete removal, high spot removal, curled joints, thick coating and overlayment removal


Complete Drum loaded with TMO-7.15 solid carbide milling cutter

  • Designed for the removal of thick and soft thermoplastics, line stripes, and traffic markings on concrete and asphalt


Complete Drum loaded with TSR-5.5 star wheel/solid carbide

  • Designed for the removal of thin and hard materials
  • Applications include removal of paint, coatings, adhesive removal, plastic coatings, and dirt; light concrete preparation
  • These star wheel cutters leave a “shotblasted-like” profile

402192 Wood-scoring scarifier drum

This wood-scoring drum attaches to National’s Spartan 220 scarifier. It is an 8-inch drum, with three scoring blades. Using this on your scarifier eliminates the need to get down on your hands and knees to use a circular saw to score the wood.

Scarifier cutters and washers

TSR Cutters
Steel cutters, or "TSR" cutters, are known for their versatility; they are designed to take up everything from thin mil coatings and glues to mastics, line striping, and rust off steel decks, as well as do general concrete preparation. They leave a shot-blast like profile.

TMO Cutters
Milling cutters, or "TMO" cutters, are designed to remove thicker, softer materials while doing minimal damage to the underlying surface. These cutters efficiently remove epoxy coatings, thermoplastics, line striping, waterproofing membranes, and general scarifying applications. TMO cutters are made of tungsten and are best applied when the underlying surface needs a very light profile.

HMR Cutters
Tungsten carbide-ttipped cutters, or "HMR" cutters, are the workhorses of the cutter world. Commonly used for leveling high spots on concrete or asphalt, grooving concrete, tough line removal applications, sidewalk trip hazards, and stubborn thin-set removal, these cutters are most common on jobsites requiring a tough removal. HMR cutters will leave a rough profile on concrete, and will last longer than standard steel cutters.

Part NoDescription

Cutters, HMR-5.40 (set)


Washers, HMR-5.40 (set)


Cutters, TMO-7.15 (set)


Washers, TMO-7.15 (set)


Cutters, TSR-5.5 (set)


Cutters, TSR-7.5 (set)


Washers, TSR-5.5 and TSR-7.5 (set)